Greek Easter

On April 28th, 2019, Elias and Michelle Cairo, siblings and co-owners of Olympia Provisions, will host a traditional Greek Easter dinner at Olympia Provisions NW. Like any typical Greek celebration,...

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Braised Sweetheart Ham with Roasted Spring Vegetables and Buttermilk Potato Puree

When we asked our Culinary Director Eric Joppie for his favorite recipe using Sweetheart Ham for Spring, he told us he wanted to change the way people think about cooking...
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Sweetheart Ham Tea Sandwich

Sweetheart Ham Tea Sandwich ½ cup butter ¼ cup Dijon ½ lb. Sweatheart Ham ¼ lb. brie cheese, sliced 1 large Honey crisp or Fuji Apple, thinly sliced (on mandolin if...
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3 Reasons Salami Is Healthy

Welcome back to the Olympia Provisions Guide to Good Eating. You’ve heard about delicious ways to use pâté at lunch, the benefits pickles have on good health, and this week...
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Olympia Provisions Guide to Good Eating

It's officially mid-February, you’ve had your fair share of Valentine’s Day chocolate and wine, and your New Years resolutions have definitely started to drag. We get it, we’re in the...
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Pâté & Seasonal Vegetables

"A quick lunch is minutes away and it’s the prime reason I try and keep OP pate, pork liver mousse and rillettes stocked in my fridge – after a quick trip to the pantry or...
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Pork Pistachio Pâté Sandwich

This sandwich celebrates the simple yet decadent combination of bread, butter, and pâté.  Makes 4 Sandwiches Ingredients Extra virgin olive oil4 kaiser rolls, halved2 cups (35 g) frisée 1 tablespoon...
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4 Reasons You Should Skip the Flowers This Valentine's Day

If we're being honest, pretty much everything about Valentine's Day is cliche and lame: plastic-wrapped flowers, cheap candy, horrible puns that make you want to rip Cupid's little wings out...
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Probably one of my all-time favorite eating traditions involves gorging myself on super tender lentils that have been cooking with a juicy, flavor-packed sausage… FACT. The tradition comes from the...
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Eli's Holiday Menu

Gathering all the people we care most about under the same roof is perhaps the best part of the holiday season. Preparing food for this many people, however, can be a...
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