Certified Pasture Raised & Regenerative Pork

Committed to quality and ethical farming, our Olympia Provisions Farmers Network partners with three family farms Deck Family Farms, Malheur River Meats, and California Heritage.  Pigs in our network enjoy a life aligned with natural instincts, roaming freely on pasture. We prioritize regenerative methods, supporting small family farms audited by the Global Animal Partnership for exceptional animal welfare. Our zero-waste commitment involves purchasing entire animals, using every part for award-winning charcuterie, fresh meat, pet treats, and collaborations like lard candles with Penrose Candles. Transparent about our process, we connect you with conscientious farmers behind our Pasture Raised Pork, offering an exceptional taste while supporting a better food system.

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Oregon’s first USDA-approved salumeria

After opening our doors in 2009 in the historic Olympia Mills building, we've expanded to a 38,000 square foot facility right down the street in SE Industrial Portland. Here we handcraft all our products from butcher to smokehouse, slow fermentation to long curing. Everything we make is quality controlled and crafted using premium pork, fresh herbs and spices and real wood smoke.

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