Three French-style salamis and a limited edition chocolate salami inside a heart shaped, branded box
3 Raclettewurst Sausages in limited edition red packaging from Olympia Provisions
photo of the Rosete d'Oregon salami by the Olympia Provisions NW Farmer's Network
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Salami Bouquet
Olympia Provisions heart shaped box full of sausages and pepperettes
Route Package Protection
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Oktoberfest T-Shirt
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Olympia Provisions Sauerkraut, naturally fermented green cabbage with fresh dill, caraway seed, juniper berries and sea salt.
Martin's potato rolls, sausage, grilling, bratwurst, frankfurter, hot dog, sauerkraut, kielbasa, wilder mustard, olympia provisions
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Duty to Land and Animal Olympia Provisions Beanie
Portland Only! Olympia Provisions Charcuterie Club
charcoal grill with Loukaniko Greek-style sausage kebabs grilling
OP Branded Flask
Olympia Provisions Flaco Paco Pepperettes in packages and laid out on a table with spices
German-style smoked pork stick snacks
French-style mini sausage stick snacks
large, party-sided green peppercorn pate from Olympia Provisions
salami Capri sliced thick
party sized pork rillette pate available for delivery
party sized pork pistachio pate available for delivery
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French-style pork & hazelnut pate with Oregon Hazelnuts from Olympia Provisions
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green peppercorn pork pate from Olympia Provisions
giftbox for the charcuterie lover in your life
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Salami with oregano and orange zest
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delicious salami cotto from OP
mortadella with pistachios, garlic and spices
delicious summer sausage
Olympia Provisions Cookbook with a Free Salami
Italian Sausage

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