Rich, complex, and delicate, our pâtés are perfectly seasoned and prepared using recipes that honor European-style traditions. Boasting flavors that range from green peppercorn to ginger and thyme, these delicacies are best enjoyed as a snack on crackers or part of your favorite charcuterie board. Try them all with our upgraded "of the month" style subscription, the Olympia Postal Provisions Club.

delicious pork pistachio pate from Oregon's Olympia Provisions
award-winning pork liver mousse from Portland's Olympia Provisions
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green peppercorn pork pate from Olympia Provisions
Pâté Sampler
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French-style pork & hazelnut pate with Oregon Hazelnuts from Olympia Provisions
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delicious Pork Rillettes pate
Olympia Provisions French Charcuterie Fete gift set
party sized pork pistachio pate available for delivery
party sized pork rillette pate available for delivery
large, party-sided green peppercorn pate from Olympia Provisions
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