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Choose the club that best suits you! Once you're signed up, you'll receive your items every 30 days from purchase. Keep your eyes on your inbox for information about your monthly delivery!

Salami Of The Month Club

• 1 unique salami each month

Quarterly new salami, exclusive to club members

The Makers Club

• 2 salami (different types)

• Pickle

Quarterly new salami, exclusive to club members

Quarterly free gift

The Charcuterie Club

• 2 salami (different types)

• 1 Sausage

• Pickle Jar

Quarterly new salami, exclusive to club members

Quarterly free gift

Quarterly curated cheese to accompany your shipment

The Sausage Club

  • • Three-pack seasonal sausages
  • • Access to our cheese sausages when available


What tier should I choose?

We recommend households who do monthly entertaining or have a family size of 4 or more to go with the Charcuterie Club! Households of just two folks can benefit from the Makers Club for variety. Our Salami of the Month Club is great for beginners.

What's the difference between the three tiers?

Each tier adds more perks to your monthly subscription. Receive a free gift if you join our Makers or Charcuterie Clubs, and more charcuterie, too! Our highest tier, the Charcuterie Club, also includes a quarterly cheese and a sausage so you can build the most epic boards.

Should I subscribe to a tier or a product?

If you're in the mood for variety, we recommend our club tiers (taste the proverbial meat rainbow). If you know which of our products you like the best, or if you're consistently making the same dish at home, choose an individual product.

What's the shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE!

Can I cancel my subscription?

You sure can, as well as pausing it. You can manage your subscription from the magic link sent your way once you're signed up. Of course we'll help you out if you need an assist!