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OP Dog Treats


Introducing Olympia Provisions Dog Treats! These protein-packed meaty sausages are made of 100% pure pork. Not only will they fuel your dog for its next adventure, but they help us minimize waste in the meat industry. Keep scrolling to read the full story! 

Ingredients: pork, pork bone, pork liver, pork spleen, pork kidney, water, citric acid, natural flavor produced from: fermented oregano, flaxseed, and plums. Collagen casing. 

*Pork byproducts are derived from 100% premium pork and can include heart,
liver, kidney, and other offal.  

Size: Each 6 oz. pack contains roughly 16-18 pieces.


We are Olympia Provisions, an authentic and house-made charcuterie and meats company based in Portland. Since opening in 2009, we have become the most awarded charcuterie company in America.

One of our core values reads “Relentless pursuit of mastery”. We are relentlessly working to make better products and be better people, but we've recognized that doing better is more than just making delicious charcuterie. It is ensuring that we do not contribute to the waste that riddles our industry and environment. Making amazing food requires taking care of the earth, and so we've made it our personal responsibility to do so.

That’s where OP Dog Treats comes in. As charcuterie makers, we believe that one of the best ways to help the environment is to minimize our waste. It is our obligation to use every part of the animal, so that none of the resources that go into growing that animal are wasted.

Over the last two years we've been perfecting the recipe for our dog treats. The final product allows us to take responsibility for the whole animal by using parts that are typically neglected. And now, we're overjoyed to see our dogs go crazy for these treats that energize them and provide them protein, all while we are becoming more responsible meat makers.

guaranteed analysis

nutrients amount / %
Calories 443 / 100g
Fat 33.3%
Moisture 23.0%
Carbohydrates 2.3%
Ash 7.9%
Protein 33.5%
Crude Fiber 0.6%

Suggested Use

High Reward Training Treat

The dogs go crazy for these just like we do for a slice of salami!

Re-energizing Protein

A perfect pick-me-up after a long trek or an exhausting day of work.

Just a Little Extra Love

We’re dog owners, we get it. Sometimes you just have to give them a little extra love.


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