Our newest clubs offer you three tiers of meaty magic. Join a club and receive access to special, limited edition salamis made only for club members! Plus, free gifts and more.

Portland Local Delivery

Delivery to-your-door in Portland, Oregon by our merry band of meat makers from the Hambulance! Choose from exclusive wines selected by our Restaurant Director, Jess Hereth, as well as cheeses, charcterie and more!

the Farmer's Network

At Olympia Provisions, our mission is to better the world by redefining American charcuterie. For five years, we’ve been developing a Pacific Northwest, small family Farmer Network so we can consistently source regenerative, humanely-raised pork. We value a “whole animal” approach to pig farming, which led us to make pet treats from the leftover stuff humans aren’t into but dogs love. Now we are on a quest to decentralize pork production and build partnerships that enhance our communities and ecosystems.

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