delicious sliced Sweetheart ham from Olympia Provisions
whole sweetheart ham
a whole and half sweetheart ham on a wood cutting board
glazed Sweetheart ham for a dinner
delicious Sweetheart ham with a Habanero pepper glaze

Sweetheart Ham


Our little gems are made from pork sirloin tip, placed in a brine of fresh herbs, fresh garlic, and fresh onions for 10 days. Then we smoke them over applewood for 10 hours.

Called the sweetheart because it's just enough ham for you and your significant other whether you want to share a slow and easy Sunday morning with the OP Benedict or pull out all the stops for an evening feast with the Choucroute Garnie.

Approx.  1.25 lbs to 1.75 lbs 

Nutritional Information
Ingredients: Pork, water, onion, brown sugar, 2% or less of: sugar, salt, sodium nitrite, garlic, spices, black pepper, balsamic vinegar, thyme

Nutritional Panel

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