Olympia Provisions dinner parties are legendary.
Everyone's invited, we've got a heavy hand with the cheer, and most importantly:
the hosts have fun, too.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we're sharing the OP family tips for actually having a good time when you have friends over

We're calling it "Less Hosting - More Toasting" or, how to be an epic host (and guest!) without the fuss this holiday season.

Listen: Thanksgiving dinner might be the main event, but you have got to have snacks before dinner. No one likes to arrive, gift basket in hand, to find a sweaty, hangry host in the kitchen -- and no dinner in sight. We've all been there! You can't always control how long that turkey will take to get to temperature, but you CAN give yourself a little wiggle room.

It doesn't matter if you're hosting an all-day, multi-generational affair with floats and footballs, or sending hand-calligraphied invitations to a formal affair; trust, everyone will appreciate something to whet their appetite. Cue the charcuterie board. Make it ahead, make it pretty, make it every time you host.

When people arrive, take a moment to say hello. Pour everyone (that means you) a nice glass of wine, and point your guests to the meat. You get time in the kitchen to finish your gravy, and your guests are already impressed with how chill and amazing you are.

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