Recipe | Cassoulet

Recipe | Cassoulet
The perfect fall-to-winter meal, Cassoulet utilizes simple ingredients in a manner that allows them to sing. Beans are so underrated! Serve this with a few grilled Bratwurst, grilled steaks of OP ham, or smoked kielbasa, and top your beans with zest crumbs, fresh cracked black pepper and freshly picked thyme.

1 pound white beans, soak overnight 

80g Bacon, minced

1 cup Yellow Onion, small dice

1 cup Celery, small dice

1 cup Carrot, small dice

12g Garlic, mince

1/4# Butter

30g Olive Oil 

Salt and Red wine Vinegar


In large pot melt butter and olive oil together. Add bacon and render until crispy, add garlic and sauté until fragrant and just soft (you should be creating a golden brown fond as you go). Add your mirepoix and cook until just softened. Pour in your drained beans and toast until the beans are just too hot to hold. Add your stock and scrape any of the bottom fond into the beans. Cover with a cartouche and simmer for 3ish hours or until  beans are tender and creamy but hold their shape. Season with salt and red wine vinegar.


126g bread crumbs-

5g salt

TT ground black pepper

4g garlic- degermed and microplaned

5g lemon zest

5g chop parsley 

Olive oil- enough to coat

Directions: Mix all ingredients, sprinkle on top