Build A Charcuterie Board That Doesn't Suck!

Epic Charcuterie Board Spread - sausage, all the meats, dips and even a salad!

Be a hero - build an epic charcuterie board using high quality, hand-cured meats and impress the hell out of partygoers everywhere. No one likes a pre-sliced charcuterie kit. It’s all stale, the apples have that weird slime… you get what I’m saying, people! Make it great with mortadella spuma, two cheesy dips, a seafood dip, a fresh chicory salad, delicious pickles and of course - porky goodness.


Salami: Rosette d’Oregon & Chorizo Rioja

Pâté: Green Peppercorn & Pork Liver Mousse

Variety of pickles (beets & cauliflower are nice this time of year)

1 wheel camembert cheese

Apple Brandy



1 wheel Harbison Cheese (Jasper Hill Farms is our fave)

Stone Pine Liqueur of the Alps

2 cloves garlic






2 cans of your favorite smoked mussels (or oysters)

1 shallot

1 bunch chives

crème fraîche






Olive Oil

Sea Salt


Salami: Rosette d’Oregon & Chorizo Rioja - get yourself two different types of single stick salami so there’s some variety. I like the pasture-raised Rosette d’Oregon from our Farmers Network line, which has tasting notes of Juniper, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and of course, Jacobsen Sea Salt. Our Chorizo Rioja is a crowd-pleaser; sweet and smoked paprika, garlic and oregano.

Pâté: Green Peppercorn gives you a dense option, while our Pork Liver Mousse provides the spreadable option. Make sure to shower it with lots of sea salt and olive oil.

Pickles: We use beets and cauliflower here, but any pickled vegetable will do the trick. The more acid the better on a big meat board!

The Dips:

Spuma, Moules in creme fraiche and crostini


1 wheel camembert cheese, top cut off, in a small baking dish

Apple Brandy (a few dashes or more to your liking)

*bake until melted

Top with honey, walnuts and serve alongside sliced apple


1 wheel Harbison (Jasper Hill Farms is our fave), top cap cut off, in a small baking dish

Stone Pine Liqueur of the Alps (a few dashes to your liking)

2 cloves grated garlic

*bake until melted, serve with crostini

Mortadella Spuma:

5oz Mortadella, cubed

1/4 cup Brandy

6oz cream

8oz mascarpone


olive oil, sea salt

Place cubed mortadella, brandy and olive oil in a food processor on low, pulse until it’s smooth. Slowly add small amounts of cream, like you would an emulsion. Be careful not to whip it! Spatula into your serving container and fold in the mascarpone. Serve with pistachios, olive oil and sea salt.

Moules in crème fraîche:

2 cans of your favorite smoked mussels (or oysters)

1 shallot, finely diced

1 bunch chives, chopped fine

5oz crème fraîche, folded in lightly

squeeze of lemon

pinch of salt

*mix together

Sausages with Dipping Mustard


Grill brats, kielbasa or any favorite sausage. Crisp up in pan, chop into bite-sized pieces, serve in a dish with mustard in the center!

Capicola & Chicories:


Olive Oil


sea salt

Capicola sliced thin

*toss chicories with olive oil, lemon, salt, serve atop thinly sliced Capicola