Olympia Provisions bratwurst cooked with asparagus and onions
Our handcrafted, German inspired pork bratwurst is made with fresh ground nutmeg and white pepper, delivering old world flavor
package of Olympia Provisions Bratwurst sausages
Gourmet Authentic artisan Bratwurst online


Our traditional gourmet Bratwurst contains 100% pork, seasoned with white pepper, ginger, and nutmeg. 
People often make brats with both veal and pork or with eggs and cream. Tsk, tsk. Let's address these violations. First, we find brats made with the addition of veal to be a waste of a baby cow. Pork is already a superior product, so don't be wasteful. Second, eggs and cream are usually added to achieve lightness in flavor and texture, but with our techniques, we can still achieve this without these additives AND get better flavor. 
Each 12 oz. package comes with three sausages.

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Nutritional Information
Product is fully cooked. Gluten Free. Contains Dairy.

Ingredients: Pork, pork fat, water, milk powder, less than 2%: salt, spices, cultured dextrose, dried vinegar

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