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OP Chorizo Sandwich

Not that I ever ate this sandwich in Spain, but I would put some solid money down that it would win the heart of many a hungry Spaniard- even more...
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Pork Rillette Gougeres

We added our own touch to this delicious dish, we used our favorite Gougere recipe from Epicurious!  Step 1: Make this Gougere recipe! (We subbed Parmesan for Gruyere, but either...
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Kielbasa Quiche

Fall is here, and we feel there is nothing better than joining friends over a plate of warm quiche, salad, and fresh fall apples. Kielbasa Quiche Crust 1 ½ cups flour½...
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Olympia Provisions dinner parties are legendary.Everyone's invited, we've got a heavy hand with the cheer, and most importantly: the hosts have fun, too.As Thanksgiving approaches, we're sharing the OP family...
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Party-Ready Pickle Galette

All of Olympia Provisions pickles are made by our Master Pickler, “Pickle Joe”. When we moved, we transformed the original OP meat department located in the back of Olympia Provisions SE into a pickle...
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Kielbasa Hash Recipe

It's chanterelle season here in Oregon, and our very own production manager Josh Graves (@abe_froman_pdx) harvested a beauty of a bumper crop over the weekend. While salivating over his Instagram, we...
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Bacon on Sale!!

There's just something about bacon...When it's made right, there's nothing better, and Olympia Provisions bacon is definitely made right: cured with raw sugar and sea salt, then smoked for the perfect flavor. We...
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October's Salami of the Month: Sopressata!

Ah, to eat like it's autumn in Italy—roasted chestnuts, wild porcini risotto, sweet pumpkin tortelli, grape-studded focaccia, fresh figs with prosciutto, truffle everything, and of course, OP sopressata, because it's...
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Game Day Snack Attack

Although it may appear recreational to the untrained eye, rooting for your beloved team is hard work, so we've put together the perfect playbook of game day party snacks. Tote our...
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