3 Reasons Salami Is Healthy

dry aged salamis in bins

You may have heard about delicious ways to use pâté at lunch, the benefits pickles have on good health, and now we’re going to tell you about our salami! Anyone who is Team Keto, this one is for you. Check out 3 Reasons Salami is Healthy below, and click here to add salami to your meal plan today.

1. It is full of good fats.

Unlike our competitors, we use leaned out pork leg, hand cut pure back fat and real hog casings in our salami. Although there are cheaper cuts of meat, we never compromise quality for profit or ease. By taking a ham leg and trimming it down to 100% lean, we ensure that you don't get any chewy bites of sinew or salami that is too greasy. By using pure back fat, we end with a texture that should melt in your mouth and a beautiful contrast in the fat particles. For those on the keto diet, our salami is the perfect balance of protein and fat and has very low carbs.

2. Fermented foods are great for digestion.

Did you know our salami is fermented? Before it goes into the dry box for 21-26 days, it spends a short time fermenting. During this time microorganisms and good bacteria form that promote digestive health. These bacteria and microorganisms help “predigest” certain food compounds “making them easier for your gut to handle and for nutrients to be absorbed when you eat them” according to Tufts University.

3. It is made with real and natural ingredients.

Ingredients are our foundation. We hand butcher, fresh, never frozen high quality pork. Our pork is antibiotic and hormone-free, and grown by farmers who respect their animals and environment. We grind whole spices, like garlic and cumin, the day they go into our salami. So why do we do all of this? The quality of our pork is the foundation of our product taste and texture. We also know that when spices are ground they lose their intensity and depth, so we grind them right before they go into our salami. The same can be said about our aromatics, like garlic. This approach is laborious, but it ensures that every bite you take is full of complex and bright flavors. Not only does our obsession with ingredients ensure delicious flavor, these ingredients are also inherently more healthy. With every salami you taste from us, you should know exactly what you are putting into your body. From the pork, all the way to the garlic or other spices.