Charcuterie of the Month Club
Charcuterie of the Month Club
Charcuterie of the Month Club

Charcuterie of the Month Club

Can't decide which club to join? Don't worry, you don't have to! Our Charcuterie of the Month Club will deliver a variety of our meats and pickles to your doorstep, every single month. It's the perfect way to taste your way through our charcuterie! 

Here's how it works. Once you sign up, we will charge you $55 every month until you cancel. When you place your order, we'll send you a collection of 2-4 meats along with some of our favorite recipes and pairing notes for what is inside the box. Want to take it to the next level? For only $10 a month, we'll send an accouterment along with your meats and/or a cheese, mostarda or crackers!

Introducing the December Entertaining Box!

This December the Charcuterie of the Month Club box will set you up for a perfect night of holiday entertaining! Check out what is included below!

SALAMI NOLA: The warm, fragrant and punchy combination of allspice, black pepper and chili flake make this Italian style salami our favorite to enjoy in cold winter months.

PORK AND HAZELNUT PATE: Deemed our most decadent pâté, this indulgent treat is studded with Oregon hazelnuts and house-cured bacon, then spiked with Cognac and Oregon Honey.

RED PEARL COCKTAIL ONIONS: Fresh thyme, lemon peel and juniper make these delightful red pearl cocktail onions the perfectly zingy addition to any holiday cocktail.

This month's addition

LAMB CHOPPER CHEESE: Notably one of the most popular cheeses made by our friends at Cypress Grove, Lamb Chopper has a buttery and smooth texture, with a nutty and subtly sweet flavor profile. 

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