Fully cooked and ready for the grill, our sausages are hand crafted, seasoned with fresh, small-batch spices, and slowly smoked over real wood. Voted "best sausage in Portland" for 2019, our signature sausage recipes feature flavors that will perfect any plate and please any palate. Try them all with our upgrade to "of the month" style subscriptions, the Olympia Postal Provisions Club.

Pecorino Parsley Sausages in Package | Olympia Provsions
Staff Pick
hotdog with chips
3 Raclettewurst Sausages in limited edition red packaging from Olympia Provisions
Sausage Fest!
delicious summer sausage
Olympia Provisions bratwurst cooked with asparagus and onions
package of Olympia Provisions Breakfast Sausages
Staff Pick
Kasekariner Austrian-style sausafe stuffed with swiss cheese from Olympia Provisions gourmet meats
charcoal grill with Loukaniko Greek-style sausage kebabs grilling
Staff Pick
Smoked Kielbasa pork and mustard seed sausages smoked in applewood for hours from Olympia Provisions
Italian Sausage
smoked chorizo sausages with spices on a wood board
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Olympia Provisions Choucroute Garnie set
Hands over our grand charcuterie board!
giftbox for the charcuterie lover in your life
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