Take It Outside

country picnic table
Michelle and Elias Cairo
Elias and Michelle Cairo, siblings and Olympia Provisions Co-founders
An opportunity for a party
Growing up Cairo, any day that ended in "y" was an excuse to share our table
with family and friends. And when the days got hot, the table came outside
with us. Not much has changed - we still think warm weather is all the reason
you need to invite a few friends over, fire up the grill, and crack open a few bottles.

The key to keeping it fun for the host? Gorgeous, simple food that requires little
more than a quick chop or a few minutes on the grill. Let seasonal produce,
a little swiss country ham, amazing sausages, and plenty of delicious wine 
do the work for you.

Here, we're sharing our favorite summer menu that's so easy,
you don't even need recipes.

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picnic party for OP
menu for outdoor garden party
plate of cooked sausages
Wine pairing with Jess
Sommelier, Wine Director of both our NW & SE restaurants, and maker of beautiful natural wines, Jessica Hereth is our first call for any and everything juice in the OP universe.
While you can't buy the wine she makes from the old vines in her backyard (yet!),
she's sharing her knowledge here. Jess Hereth
"Rather than stressing about proper food and wine pairings with
causal summer get togethers, we love a smorgasboard of easy drinking
summer wine with dinners like this. Filling the table with dry rosé from Provence,
acid driven whites, and light bodied reds (which we throw on ice) will allow you to
mix and match all flavors and food. Melon salad with rosé? Check! Roasted corn
and riesling? Oh yeah! And a chilled Beaujolais or light bodied red with
grilled meatand trout? Gimme Gimme!
Some of our favorites right now: 
- Domaine de Bagnol Cassis Rosé
If you're looking for some Oregon picks, seek out anything from Bow & Arrow or Teutonic Wine Company for awesome summer flavors and fun!

Insider tip: 
ask your local wine shop for wines from some of our favorite national
importers like Kermit Lynch, Louis/Dressner, and Vom Boden for
guaranteed deliciousness!"
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Make dinner even easier on yourself:
Have our 
landrauchschinken and sausages shipped right to your door. 
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