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Fresh Chorizo

Basque inspired fresh chorizo seasoned with pimenton and fresh garlic.
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Pecorino Parsley

Classic Italian style pork sausage made with pecorino cheese and fresh parsley.
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French Garlic

Traditional French style pork sausage recipe with fresh garlic and black pepper.
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Coarsely ground, deeply smoked Cajun style sausage with paprika, oregano, and cayenne.
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Smoked Chorizo

Basque inspired sausage made with pimenton and fresh garlic and smoked over apple wood.
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Austrian inspired pork sausage stuffed with Emmantaler cheese and smoked over apple wood.
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Breakfast Sausage

Our Breakfast Sausage contains 100% pork, seasoned with fresh sage and real Grade B maple syrup.
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Italian Sausage

Our classic Italian sausage combines primo pork with a blend of garlic, fennel, and chili flake.
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Our Frankfurter is pork shoulder in a natural lamb casing and smoked with hickory and apple wood.
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Smoked Kielbasa

Our smoked Kielbasa contains 100% pork, seasoned with mustard seed, garlic, and spices.
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