October's Salami of the Month: Sopressata!

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Ciao, Soppressata
Olympia Provisions Sopressata sausage sliced up
Ah, to eat like it's autumn in Italy—roasted chestnuts, wild porcini risotto, sweet pumpkin tortelli, grape-studded focaccia, fresh figs with prosciutto, truffle everything, and of course, OP sopressata, because it's October's Salami of the Month! Besides being a superlative spelling bee trickster, our sopressata is infused with warming clove, fresh oregano, freshly-chopped garlic, and a pinch of red chili flake for a palate-pleasing kick. At our two restaurants, we serve thinly-sliced sopressata on our Italian charcuterie board, with our mortadella, capicola, and Italian sausage, creamy Taleggio, fennel parsley salad, and olives, and anybody who doesn't gush about it swims with the fishes. Just kidding, but we're not kidding about this week's special: 10% off sopressata with the code OPSOPRESSATA17, through 10/31.
quote from Michelle Cairo the Olympia Provisions Co-owner and CEO
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