Crudités Board

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Immerse yourself in a seasonal culinary journey with our Crudités Board, a vibrant celebration of the finest vegetables sourced at the peak of freshness from the local market. This visually stunning array features an enticing assortment that captures the essence of each season, creating a colorful and flavorful experience.

Complementing this garden-inspired selection is our creamy garlic sauce, a velvety accompaniment that enhances every dip and crunch. Immerse yourself in the sheer freshness of the produce as you savor the vibrant medley of flavors. Whether shared at gatherings or enjoyed as a light and wholesome snack, our Seasonal Crudités Board is a celebration of nature's bounty, inviting you to embrace the diverse offerings of the market throughout the year.

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We select what is best with your board

Serves 20-30

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