Breakfast Sausage

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We proudly declare this sausage as "the most important of your day." Our breakfast sausage, a morning essential you'll love. Crafted from 100% humanely raised pork and infused with the freshness of real sage and a touch of sweetness from genuine maple syrup, it's a breakfast delight like no other.

With each purchase, you'll receive 3 packs of this mouthwatering treat. Wondering why 3? Well, not only do these sausages boast an exceptional shelf life, but they are also freezer-friendly, ensuring you have a flavorful option whenever you desire. Additionally, shipping 3 packs is more eco-friendly and cost-effective, making it a win-win for both you and the environment.

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  • Real Ingredients Real Ingredients
  • No Nitrates/Nitrites No_Nitrate/snitrites
  • No Antibiotics No Antibiotics
Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 2oz., 6 servings per carton. Calories 180 Total Fat 15g (19%) Saturated Fat 5g (25%) Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 35mg (12%) Sodium 320mg (14%) Total Carb 3g (1%) Dietary Fiber 0g Total Sugars 2g Inc 1g added sugar (2%) Protein 8g Vitamin D • .5mcg 2% Calcium 40mg 2% • Iron .6mg 4% • Potassium 70mg 2%

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  • Ingredients

    Pork, pork fat, water, milk powder, maple syrup, Less than 2%: salt, spices, cultured dextrose, dried vinegar, sage. Lamb Casing. Contains Milk

  • Storage & Preparation

    Keep Refrigerated. Wrap in plastic after opening. Use within 7 days of opening.

  • Flavor Profile

    • Fresh Garlic Fresh Garlic
    • Maple Syrup Maple Syrup
    • Fresh Sage Fresh Sage

How to enjoy it

You’ll never guess what we recommend…breakfast platter! Add this to your traditional British breakfast or chop them up into smaller bits after cooking, then add to a breakfast hash or burrito. This is a quintessential, delicious breakfast sausage, so you can’t go wrong by just cooking it and adding it to your plate.

Score your sausage with a sharp Chef’s knife on both sides before adding to a hot pan with a bit of oil. This ensures a perfect sear, while also giving you some guideposts for slicing and eating. You’ll want to make sure to cook the sausage all the way through, while achieving a beautiful, crispy exterior. This can also be achieved on a grill, or over open flame.

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Real Smoke!

We grind premium pork and fatback, then mix it with the freshest herbs and spices, straight from the spice room. After getting stuffed into casings and delicately hung on racks, our sausages are rolled into the smokehouse. There, they are smoked or steamed over a proprietary blend of hardwoods. You’ll really taste the real smoke flavor, as it’s complementary, never aggressive. The high quality pork yields a luscious, rich flavor and of course fresh ingredients always create a superior sausage.