Salami Pairings & Descriptions


Chorizo Rioja: Our most traditional Spanish Chorizo is flavored with smoked and sweet pimenton, garlic, and oregano. Serve this chorizo alongside good crusty bread, sheep’s milk cheese, a satisfying glass of Rioja wine, or cook it with Patatas a la Riojana!

Chorizo Andalucia: This sweet chorizo is inspired by southern Spain with its sultry, smoky, and vivid flavors.  The subtle inclusion of clove and garlic, supported by a generous amount of sweet pimenton add both a warm and earthy dimension. This chorizo is lovely paired with a glass of sherry, sheep’s cheese, and Marcona almonds. 

Chorizo Navarre: Similar to what you’d find in Northern Spain, our Chorizo Navarre is punctuated with heady, sweet pimenton, fresh garlic, and just enough cayenne to impart a warm heat.  This chorizo offers a great addition to Paella, lends itself well in a wine broth with clams, or pairs simply with a glass of txakoli wine.

Spanish Salchichon: The Spanish are known for their Chorizo, but when they celebrate bull fights and holidays, they choose sweeter salami like our Salchichon. Spiced with holiday flavors of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Serve this celebratory salami with a fragrant Albarino, manchego with membrillo and Marcona almonds. 


Saucisson Sec: Literally translating to "dry sausage", Saucisson Sec is our most traditional French salami and is seasoned with fresh garlic and cracked black pepper. Similar to what you would find in Burgandy farmers markets, we suggest laying down a blanket, opening your favorite Pinot Noir, and picnicking like the French.

Saucisson d'Arles: The French region of Arles adds no spice to their salami because they want to enjoy the taste of the high quality pork they produce. We feel the same about our pork, so we developed the Saucisson d’Arles to showcase it. Seasoned simply with salt, we enjoy this elemental salami with a glass of champagne or chardonnay, and a French triple cream brie cheese. 

Saucisson d’Alsace: Cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg make our Saucisson d’Alsace both savory, sweet and true to the French region of Alsace. Enjoy this unique salami with your favorite Alsatian Riesling, fresh local stone fruit, and creamy Muenster.

Saucisson aux Noisettes: French for salami with hazelnuts and here in Oregon, we grow 99% of North America's crop. Enjoy this simple saucisson seasoned only with salt and speckled with whole hazelnuts.


Loukanika: Our Greek style salami is based on the family recipe of our Salumist, Elias Cairo. Elias' father grew up in a small village in Greece where they made salami with fresh garlic, cumin and hints of orange zest. Savor this unique salami with Assyrtiko from Santorini or Xinomavro from Macedonia, and pair with aged goat cheese, capers, and eggplant.


Nola: Traditionally from the Italian region of Campania, our Nola has a unique and earthy taste that we have come to love. Our recipe combines fresh ground allspice with black pepper and a hint of chili flake for warmth.This delicious Italian salami is best enjoyed as part of an antipasti platter with buffalo mozzarella and castelvetrano olives alongside a bold, red wine.

Finocchiona: The subtle ground fennel seed, black pepper, and fresh garlic make this the most traditional Italian salami we produce. Serve this delicious salami on pizza or in the best salami sub you’ve ever had! Best when consumed with copious amounts of your favorite Sangiovese.

Cacciatore: Every Italian butcher has a rendition of this "hunter's style" salami. Bold flavors of caraway and coriander, along with a bit of heat from red chili and black pepper, make ours especially unique. To eat like the hunters do, enjoy with hard Italian cheese, crusty bread, and your favorite Pelavegra varietal!

Sopressata: With a name that translates to "salami of the people", it's no wonder that every Latin speaking country claims the Sopressata as their own. To make it our own, we added a little heat, fresh garlic, and oregano. This particular salami is amazing in pasta or as a topping to a pizza alongside a nice Nebbiolo.