It's August, and the dog days of summer are numbered!

frank furters, bratwursts, and kielbasa on a grill

Hey you, inside on the computer! Yeah, you... 

photo of a man hunting with his dog, and a photo of Olympia Provisions sausages on a grill

The solar eclipse glasses have been packed away until 2024, back-to-school supplies have taken over market shelves, and these long, hot, woodsmoke-scented summer evenings are fleeting—so get out there and grill! You provide the BBQ, the beer, and the appreciative audience, and we'll provide the meat—choose from juicy bratwurstsmoked kielbasa, foot-long frankfurtersEmmenthaler-cheese-studded käsekrainersmoked chorizoItalian sausage, and our Thai-spiced Sai Ua sausage collaboration with Pok Pok chef Andy Ricker (or just get them all, doggone it).

an apron with Olympia Provisions frankfurters, bratwursts, and kielbasa laid out on top

If you're feeling a little jealous that the kids got new back-to-school clothes and you didn't, pick up an OP Grill Kit, which includes a handsome blue denim apron plus a package each of three of our favorite grilling sausages.

smoked kielbasa and uncured frankfurters

And if you've still got one last Labor Day camping hurrah left in you, don't forget the Campfire Roasting Kit, which pairs our foot-long franks and smoked kielbasa with two extendable wood-handled sticks that will take your backcountry weenie and marshmallow roasting game to a whole new level—literally.