Game Day Snack Attack

Olympia Provisions pepperette sausages in the shape of footballs
Touch Down
Although it may appear recreational to the untrained eye, rooting for your beloved team is hard work, so we've put together the perfect playbook of game day party snacks. Tote our pocket-sized pepperette snack sticks to tailgate parties, keep a few of our hearty red-wax-wrapped summer sausages around for impromptu weekend get-togethers, and impress fellow fans with the ultimate game day comfort food—our robust 1-pound fresh-garlic-spiked summer sausage football, packed in a handsome mahogany-hued casing and laced with real twine. Toss it around to relieve stress during commercial breaks, then slice and serve with sharp cheddar, crackers, cold beer, and good mustard (if you're too busy bedazzling your jersey to make it to the cheese and mustard shop, just pick up the OP Pigskin set). To sweeten the pork pot, use code GAMEDAYSNAX for 10% off all summer sausagespepperettes, and snack sets!
Olympia Provisions Summer Sausage in the shape of a football       Olympia Provisions Summer Sausage
Olympia Provisions Pepperette Sample Pack       The Snacker Olympia Provisions gift set
Olympia Provisions Pig Skin game day gift set
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