Grand Charcuterie Experience
Grand Charcuterie Experience

Grand Charcuterie Experience


The ultimate expression of great food, complete with our favorite products, accoutrements and even a beautiful handmade cutting board and knife. The perfect gift for the food lover in your life - take a trip around Europe and taste the incredible flavors of our handmade, expertly crafted charcuterie, paté and seasonal sausages. This experience includes:

Salami from France, Spain, Italy, and Greece 

2 of our favorite Patés

1 Cotechino Sausage

1 Summer Sausage

3 hand-selected cheeses 

1 Jacobsen Honey

1 Edmund Fallot stone ground mustard

Salted Almonds

Castelvetrano Olives

Rustic Bakery crackers

1 Opinel Knife

1 Olympia Provisions handmade cutting board

 **please note we are subbing our Cotechino Sausage for the Holiday Kielbasa**