delicious salami cotto from OP

Salami Cotto


Inspired by the Piedmont deli staple, our Salami Cotto is delicately seasoned with fresh rosemary, chili flake, fennel seed, and garlic.  Oh, and BIG on black pepper. 

Within the charcuterie world, folks are extra-crazy secretive about their recipes for cottoeven though (or maybe because) it is so simple. In truth, to make superior cotto, you only have to pay proper attention to the Four Cs: Coarse grind, Cure, Casing, and Cooking.

Good Food Award Winner, 2014!

Nutritional Information
Ingredients: Pork, water, pork fat Less than 2%: salt, spices, cultured dextrose, dried vinegar, swiss chard powder, garlic, natural flavors, lactic acid culture

Nutritional Panel

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