6 Month Gift | The Sausage Club (18 Sausages over 6 months)

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We believe we make the best sausages in the world, and we're sure our members of our Sausage Club will agree! For 6 months the recipient will recieve a curated selection of three packs of different sausages to enjoy that month based on when we like to enjoy them!  Also Sausage Club members will be automatically sent our rotating season cheese stuffed sauages and other seasonal exclusives like our Oktoberfest kit, and Christmas kielbasa and cottechino for the holidays! 

In the summer you will be enjoying our favorite grilling sausages (we had to put franks in each summer pack, because who doesn't love a hot dog in the summer!), in the fall you will enjoy our heartier sausages to make with your favority bean or soup dishes or to enjoy on their own, and winter comes all our favorite holiday sausages!

Plus, as a club member, you'll automatically receive our Seasonal Cheese Sausages when they become available. Look forward to Kale Provolone, Parsley Pecorino, Cheddar Banger, and Raclette Wurst!

Join the club and make every meal a sausage celebration!

Monthly Sausage Selections:

January: Bratwurst, Breakfast Sausage, Käsekrainer
February: Loukaniko, Smoked Chorizo, Italian Sausage
March: Seasonal Cheese Sausage, Bratwurst, Breakfast Sausage
April: Loukaniko, Käsekrainer, Kielbasa
May: Frankfurter, Smoked Chorizo, Italian Sausage
June: Frankfurter, Bratwurst, Seasonal Cheese Sausage
July: Frankfurter, Käsekrainer, Loukaniko
August: Frankfurter, Bratwurst, Kielbasa
September: Breakfast Sausage, Italian Sausage, Seasonal Cheese Sausage
October: 3 Different Types of Oktoberfest Custom Sausage
November: Smoked Chorizo, Loukaniko, Kielbasa
December: Christmas Kielbasa, Cotechino, Seasonal Cheese Sausage

    Once purchased, your recipient's first box will ship immediately, then their consecutive boxes will ship roughly every month automatically.


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