hotdog with chips
No nitrate or nitrate added! We stuff the finest pork cuts and fresh garlic into genuine lamb casing for a real snap in this uncured frankfuter
Olympia Provisions uncured Frankfurters in a package and laid out on a board
Olympia Provisions uncured Frankfurters cooking in cast iron pans
Olympia Provisions Frankfurters both packaged and laid out on a board



Our foot-long frankfurter, made with pure pork shoulder and a natural lamb casing, is smoked with hickory and apple wood. Do you love a snappy, old fashioned frankfurter that hangs off the end of the bun? Well, we do too!

At some point in the last thirty years, the hot dog has become a bun-fitting, casing-free mockery of what a frankfurter should be. When we set out out make the first OP frankfurter, we wanted to make the frankfurter we remembered loving as kids. The real O.G. foot-long with two extra inches of pure meat enjoyment and a casing with a snap!

Spice it up by trying our OP Nacho Dog recipe.

Four, foot-long franks per 12oz package.

Refrigerate immediately, 120-day shelf life.

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Nutritional Information
Product is fully cooked. Gluten Free. Contains Dairy.

Ingredients: Pork, pork fat, water, milk powder, spices, salt, cultured dextrose, dried vinegar, garlic, dextrose, oregano, swiss chard powder, natural flavors, lactic acid culture, lamb casing. CONTAINS MILK

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