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The Perfect Addition to Any Charcuterie Plate

Pickles  Over the years, we have been making delicious pickled vegetables to accompany the sandwiches, salads, cheese, and charcuterie served in our Portland restaurants. By working with the best Pacific...
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Fully Cooked & Ready To Roll

For The Slicer  Here in America, deli meats don't have the best reputation, and we have worked hard on our deli line in an effort to change that perception. We...
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Pure Luxury For Any Occasion

Pâté  Rich in both history and flavor, pâté was originally created to make use of an animal's excess offal, trim, and fat. Here at OP, we use the finest ingredients,...
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Shelf Stable & Ready To Go

Snack Sticks Satisfying as it is to savor a leisurely choucroute garnie or ham roast, as busy working folk ourselves, we appreciate the value of a quick, meaty pick-me-up. So,...
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Fully Cooked & Ready for the Grill

Sausage From classic German-style bratwurst and snappy frankfurters, to hard-to-find Austrian-inspired käsekrainer studded with Emmentaler cheese, and our classic American breakfast sausage bursting with fresh sage and sweet maple syrup—we...
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Fermented & Dry-Cured 

Salami  “Making fermented, dry-cured salami is like meat alchemy…a lot of techniques and practices together add up to the best possible product.” -Elias Cairo, The Olympia Provisions Cookbook
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