Salami Bouquet


Impress and amaze your loved ones with the Olympic Provisions Salami Bouquet.  Flowers start to wilt after a couple of days, but salami can be enjoyed forever!  

Offered in 3, 6, and 13 stem bouquets. 

The 3 stem includes 1 Italian salami, 1 French salami, and 1 Spanish salami

The 6 stem includes 2 Italian salami, 2 French salami, 1 Spanish salami, and 1 Greek salami

The 13 stem includes one of each of our 12 salami and 1 chocolate salami

The Sweet Treat Bouquet is our 6 stem bouquet with a chocolate salami, perfect!

The Chocolate Bouquet is just as it sounds; chocolate only.  Your lover will love it.

 Bouquets, unfortunately, do not qualify for our free shipping promotion.  Have you heard of "Dimensional weight..."?  we were suprized too! See our Shipping FAQs


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  • 3 Stem
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  • 13 Stem
  • Sweet Treat Bouquet
  • Chocolate Bouquet
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olympia provisions bamboo cutting board

ADD Bamboo Cutting Board + $15

Olympia Provisions Opinel no7 Knife

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Jacobsen Salt Tin

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Additional Salami Bouquet Images

Salami Bouquet
Olympia Provisions Chocolate Salami Bouquet