Saucisson Au Chocolat 2022 wrapped in white butcher paper on white backgrouond, product only
slices of saucisson au chocolat amidst ingredients and next to wrapped chocolate salami

Saucisson au Chocolat



The Saucisson Au Chocolat is French style dark chocolate ganache with a hint of warm baking spices, nuts, candied ginger, and red wine. Enjoy this decadent chocolate dessert salami, made exclusively for the season by our restaurant pastry chef, Rachelle Miller. 

Ingredients: 70% Chocolate, Brown sugar, Candied ginger, Egg yolk, Hazelnuts, Pumpkin seeds, Butter, Semolina cake, Almonds, Red wine, Cocoa powder, Cinnamon, Espresso Powder, Lemon zest, Salt, Nutmeg, Cloves


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