Red Wine

Red Wine

Our restaurants have such an amazing team of sommeliers and wine lovers to bring their favorite wines to our guests every day. Selections are curated by 2018 Food & Wine Sommelier of the Year Jessica R. Hereth.  Jess is curating a rotating selection of wines for local home delivery from our restaurant selections. Please check back often as all supplies are limited and new selections will become available regularly.  If you're looking for additional items you can contact Jess directly to purchase additional restaurant selections.

**These product are available for our Portland Pantry Delivery service only. You must live in the Portland metro area to qualify. You must be 21 years or older to purchase beer, cider, and wine. Age verification is required upon delivery. Check our our FAQs page for more information.**

La Senda "1984" | mencia | Bierzo, Spain 2017 $24 

I don't know if Diego Losado's "1984" cuvee was named after the book, but coming from a Spaniard with "PURE WINE" tattooed across his knuckles I would not be surprised if it was. What I do know is these grape vines are 70-90 years old and planted along the steep slopes of Bierzo which is known for the elegant reds from the grape Mencia. This ranges on the more delicate and elegant side of Mencia with notes of blood orange, lavender, black plum, slate, and bay leaves. It's zippy and it bites at you, but then makes you feel warm and cheery and wanting more. 

Domaine de la Roche Bleue "La Belle d'Aunis" | pineau d'aunis | Loire, France 2018 $37

David Lillie of Chambers St Wines "Highly Recommends" this wine. I have been reading David Lillie's wisdom on wines for years, and I'm pretty comfortable saying at this point that what he likes I like. Which is good, because if I'm honest I haven't tried this wine yet. I have a bottle with me now to drink this weekend and I'll update and report back when I do, but sometimes blind faith is the best way to get into new wines. I have had other wines from this winery and I have read from others that this is delicate and peppery with notes of dried fruits and flower petals. I'm all in!

Clos Tue Boeuf  "Vin Rouge" | gamay | Cheverny + Beaujolais France 2019 $22

Hail. In 2019 there was a lot of it in the Loire Valley where this winery is located, so much so that the Puzelat family behind Clos Tue Boeuf sourced fruit from all the way in the more traditionally known Gamay region Beaujolais. The result is part Loire Gamay, part Beaujolais Gamay, and 100% lip smacking delicious. Whole cluster, native yeasts, natty party, and all the good things we love in natural wine. Yum. When is the weekend?

Olivier Riviere "Rayos Uva" Rioja | tempranillo, graciano, garnacha | Spain 2018 $24

Once upon a time... I believe it was early 2014, Olympia Provisions threw a Wine Party featuring a smorgasboard of amazing European wine producers represented by Louis/Dressner alongside some of our local wine making heroes. Olivier Riviere happened to be present at the time, and my most fond memory of him was his earnestness in cutting a rug on our mini disco dance floor. If only my memory was as good as his wine, I could report more. This wine has muscle, fruit, and purity. Definitely drink with hearty food like braised beef or steak! 

Johan "Farmlands" Willamette Valley | pinot noir | Oregon 2018 $24

I am a huge fan of all things Johan. Deep down I wish I could be a farmer like them. Simple, delicate, and pretty this is an exceptional entry level pinot that has everything going on in all of the right ways - sustainable farming practices, good humans, hands off wine making, and pure affordable deliciousness. More of this!

Flaneur "la Flanerie" Willamette Valley | pinot noir | Oregon 2017 $53

Right before Covid shut down our restaurants and event programming we were partnering with Flaneur for a wine country pop up, so we'd just secured a good stock of their exceptional and age worthy "La Flanerie" Pinot Noir in our restaurants to serve our guests in exchange. Sadly, the restaurants closed and the event was cancelled. We've been sitting on this stockpile we purchased since. This is classic Oregon Pinot verging on the structured and earthy side but balanced by an undercurrent of finesse and elegance. Approachable now, but will be even more memorable in 3-7 years.

Division-Villages "Les Petits Fers" | gamay | Oregon 2018 $24

From one of our favorite urban wineries, this humble Beaujolais inspired gamay from various vineyard sites across Oregon is simply delightful. Delicate and fresh with notes of white pepper, fresh herbs and dusty strawberry. It's light and fine, with nervy acidity and a savory floral undertone. This is the ultimate summer red! 

Franchere Havlin Vineyard | Syrah | Willamette Valley, Oregon 2017 $32

Although the Van Duzer Corridor AVA in the Willamette Valley seems an unlikely spot for Syrah – it’s even cooler than the neighboring Eola-Amity Hills – the variety excels here, thanks to the shallow soils and Ironstone bedrock at Havlin Vineyard.

This bright, acid-driven wine shows aromas of Aleppo pepper, cured meat, violets, and even garrigue. The palate is energetic and spicy, and yet also ethereal. The medium-long finish shows plum, black raspberry, red currant, and minerality.

As always, the wine was made without any funny business: a simple 20% whole cluster fermentation and 18 months in neutral French oak, with a modest touch of SO2 the sole enological addition.

Iruai "Shasta-Cascade" | trousseau, mondeuse, blaufrankisch | Shasta Cascade, CA/OR 2019 $22

"Born out of the mythical wine growing region I’ve taken to calling the Shasta-Cascade (from the Siskiyou Wilderness in the mountains of far Southern Oregon, down through the colliding cascades and Trinity Alps that give rise to the mysterious Mount Shasta). This wine is a love letter to our wineries wild new home in Scott Valley (called iruai by the Shasta People), pioneering a sense of place that channels a vast mineral range, a savage elevation, and a generous beauty. Trousseau brings the blood orange tang, Monduese adds high toned black fruit and a peppery perfume, while the Blaufränkisch rounds things out with a bitter kick and savory structure. It's the wild and mysterious light-bodied red that makes Pinot Noir taste like a Republican. Discerning drinkers choose Shasta-Cascade Red." - Chad, winemaker/owner

Arianna Occhipinti SP68 Rosso | nero d'avola | Sicily 2019 $31

Ms. Occhipinti is the hip young thang of the winemaking world.  She grew up in one the of the most respected wine families in Sicily (her uncle was the O of COS, aka Guisto Occhipinti), and she began making her own wine in 2004 after university.  She makes wine in the Vittoria region, on the Southern tip of Western Sicily. The SP68 is her red blend of nero d’avola and frappato, both of which are indigenous grapes traditional to Sicilian wine making. Nero d’avola is known for it’s deep intensity and blackberry black pepper like richness, while frappato is known as being light in color, highly aromatic, and quite elegant. Notes of herbs with a balance of both black fruits as well as lighter delicate red fruits like raspberry and red currant, with an undercurrent of herbs and pepper. Arianna is a natural wine maker on all fronts: organic vineyard management, no added yeast, and only minimal sulfur at bottling for stability.

West Coast Wine Makers 3 Pack | Variety pack! Includes one pinot noir, the other two wines could be white, orange, rose, sparkling, or second unique non pinot noir red | $80

It's been so inspiring to be part of the West Coast wine community for the past 10 years, working both as a sommelier in restaurants, helping out wineries through harvest, and more recently learning the ins and outs of making my own wine. So much has changed in the last ten years - the rise of natural wines, the popularity of orange wines, a return to elegance in warm terroirs, and the adventurous exploratory character of many wineries who work with unique varieties and styles. I love it all - the more diversity there is wine the more options there are all palates. To celebrate our our dynamic West Coast wine scene we have put together a 3 Pack that highlights both classics wine like Oregon Pinot Noir and some of the "alternative" wines coming from our California, Oregon, and Washington. Packs will vary but all will include an Oregon Pinot to honor our great local grape, along with some fun "other" wines - expect anything from red to white, orange, rose, and maybe even a pet-nat! 


A note on our wine program from Jess: 

The wines found on in our wine programs are chosen for their quality and impeccable match to our charcuterie and cuisine. They are from producers that make wine in ways we want to support - they are stewards of the land, making wines in the manner that generations did before them: without chemicals and inputs, without modification or manipulation. They are sustainable, biodynamic, and/or organic, and are made in the most natural methods possible. Nearly all undergo wild yeast fermentation and express terroir in its truest form. They are from talented farmers and families with an unmatched passion to keep the joyous tradition of wine alive. Most are made in such small quantities we are fortunate to see them in our hands. I hope you enjoy these gems of the wine world as much as we do.