PDX Only : Meal Kits

PDX Only : Meal Kits


Choucroute Garnie | $95 (serves 4-6) Our favorite easy to make Alsatian classic. Includes one pack of kielbasa, one pack of bratwursts, one pack of frankfurters, one half sweetheart ham, one half pound of bacon, two jars of sauerkraut, one pound of potatoes, one jar of whole grain mustard. Comes with a recipe card!  Purchase with a bottle of Beurer Trocken Riesling for a divine experience!

Spring Sausage Grilling Kit | $45 (serves 4-6)  includes one pack of Bratwursts, one pack of Frankfurters, a pack of hot dog buns, a jar of housemade relish, a jar of housemade sauerkraut. Add some Rosenstadt Helles Lager for a perfect summer experience!

Feed the Kids Quick! | $40 (serves 4) Includes one pack of frankfurters, a pack of hot dog buns, and four packs of pepperettes. 

**This product is available for our Portland Pantry Delivery service only. You must live in the Portland metro area to qualify. Check our FAQs page for more information.**