Holiday Survival Guide

Growing up Greek-American, all of our traditions have been centered around food. But even with all of the preparation in the world, something always seems to go wrong during the holidays. There was the year that the oven turned off halfway through heating up the stuffing. Or when we went to the coast and the turkey took three hours longer than expected. Or last year, when we decided to use a brand new grill for Thanksgiving. One moment it was going great, and the next we looked outside and the entire grill had caught fire. No matter how many texts go out in the family group chat or plans are made, there is always a hiccup. But that is just part of the fun! And those are the things we laugh about as we sit around the table together.

It’s not really about everything running smoothly during the holidays, it’s about our family and friends coming together. But when you do run into those unavoidable holiday catastrophes, here’s your plan b. A few tips and tricks that seem to make the madness a bit easier to navigate.

Happy Holidays,

Eli and Michelle

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