Wine Picks and Packs!

Wine Picks and Packs!

We're all looking to ease the stress a bit, so take away your burdens with our easy sommelier picks mixed packs or single bottles. Our Sommelier Jess Hereth was chosen by Food & Wine Magazine in 2018 as one of the top Sommeliers in America, and for good reason! 3 Packs will vary in style and flavor (red, pink, white, bubbly, orange & in between!), but all wines are natural and delicious, also known as naturally delicious. Selections in all categories will change regularly, so keep filling those glasses!


Three Bottle Packs

Drink Pink $63
Explore the various styles and flavors of rose! This is the perfect kit for those who drink pink, and also to welcome in that spring sunshine for some patio or park time sipping.

Spring Fling $75
The sun is peaking through the clouds, there are pauses in the rain, blossoms abound. Boy does it feel good to say hello to spring! We've put some of our favorite springtime wines together from west coast natural wine makers who are focused on quality, small production, principled farming, and minimal intervention in the winemaking process. Wines will rotate regularly and include a sommelier curated mix of light reds, whites, and pink wines... whatever we are excited to share, we will share with you!

The Wild Wild West $85
The spirit of experimentation is alive and well among the many wonderful natural wine producers of the West Coast. Between California, Oregon, and Washington winemakers are seeking out uncharted lands, lesser known grapes, unique styles, and merging wild experimentation with utter deliciousness. This is a world of fun and a great way to learn all of the new things happening with our local wine scene! 

A Bottle A Day... $55
When you just need something that will put a smile on your face with our worry or pretension, you need this. We've put together a pack of our favorite easy drinking every day wine kit. We'll please and appease with tasty every day natural wine treats.



Single Bottles

Let us pick our favorite bottles for you! Expect a fun variety of shapes, textures, and styles. All wines are made with attention to the wellness of the earth, supporting small producers and farmers, and letting the natural character of the grape express itself with minimal to no intervention. All you have to do is tell us the color and price you like! These selections will change constantly so come back and repeat for a new wine experience!

Give me that every day goodness $23
your choice of white, red, rose, orange, sparkling, or white, our somm does the rest! 

It's fall and I'm feeling fine! wine! $31 
your choice of white, red, rose, orange, sparkling, or white, our somm does the rest!

**These product are available for our Portland Pantry Delivery service only. You must live in the Portland metro area to qualify. You must be 21 years or older to purchase beer, cider, and wine. Age verification is required upon delivery. Check our our FAQs page for more information.**