Sommelier's Cellar-  Wine Gems!

Sommelier's Cellar- Wine Gems!

I've dug through our restaurant cellars to pull out some of my favorite gems we have on hand. Some of these are nerdy, some are classic, some are rarities, some are known by many. But all are very special, delicious, and the perfect way to celebrate someone you love (yourself included!). Quantities are extremely limited so check back regularly for new additions!

-Jess Hereth, Wine Director


**These product are available for our Portland Pantry Delivery service only. You must live in the Portland metro area to qualify. You must be 21 years or older to purchase beer, cider, and wine. Age verification is required upon delivery. Check our our FAQs page for more information.**


Chartogne Taillet “Le Rosé” Brut Montagne de Reims Champagne | chardonnay, pinot noir | France NV 76.

 One of the best Grower champagnes on the market, Alexandre Chartogne is known for his biodynamic production (a rarity in this cold region) and his exceptional hands on sought after champagnes. 

Thibaud Boudignon Anjou Blanc | chenin blanc | Loire, France 2017 44.

The moment I discovered this wine, I knew I was in for a life long love affair with it. Soon this wine will be as sought after as it deserves to be, but for now get it while you can!

Alice & Olivier de Moor Vendageur Masqué "Caravan" | viognier, grenache blanc, roussanne, clairette | France 2017 35.

 The De Moors have truly reached cult wine making status. After several devastating years where they lost almost all of their fruit to frost and hail they turned to friends in other parts of France so they could keep producing. This is the result, and it's fantastic!

Lopez de Heredia "Vina Gravonia" Rioja | viura | Spain 2010 40.

Lopez de Heredia needs very little introduction for their iconic red Riojas, but very few people have the opportunity to try their long aged whites. Uniquely waxy in texture, they have notes of candied lemon, baked apple, caramel candies, sea salt, and more. They are unique, exceptional, and harder to get every year.

Claude et Catherine Maréchal Savigny-les-Beaune Vieilles Vignes Burgundy | pinot noir | France 2014 51.

The Marechal's produce one of my favorite accessible red Burgundies every year in the under appreciated Savigny-les-Beaune region. Their wines appeal to me because they are elegant and finessed but don't lack depth and concentration, and more importantly they taste amazing without having to stare at them for years and years in the cellar! (But they cellar well too, if you have the patience...)

Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe “Télégramme” Châteauneuf-du-Pape | grenache, mourvèdre, etc | France 2015 50.

Little introduction is needed for the esteemed Domaine du Vieux Telegraphe. While their "La Crau" vineyard is what made their estate most note worthy, this "baby" Chateauneuf deserves ample praise. This is the chateauneuf you drink when you don't want to wait 10 years, when you want something nice now. So treat yourself!

Chateau du Moulin de Tricot Margaux | carbernet sauvignon, merlot | Bordeaux, France 2015 53.

For all the lovers of Bordeaux and all the haters of Bordeaux, let me just say you're both right. Meet Chateau du Moulin de Tricot... Farmed the right way, made the right, tastes like what I imagine Bordeaux tasted like in the 70's and 80's. This wine is very smart.

Paolo Bea "Rosso de Veo" Umbria | sagrantino | Italy 2012 75.

This is a wine for hedonists. It's not delicate, it doesn't whisper charming secrets of nuance and delicacy. It is bold! It is striking! It is flavor infused with more flavor! But in all seriousness, Paolo Bea is a legend among wine legends. His are farmed the right way, made naturally. Yes, they can have some funk but truly they are superior beings. They are complex. They are original. They are soulful. They are worth it!

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