Red Wine

Red Wine

Our restaurants have such an amazing team of sommeliers and wine lovers to bring their favorite wines to our guests every day. Selections are curated by 2018 Food & Wine Sommelier of the Year Jessica R. Hereth.  Jess is curating a rotating selection of wines for local home delivery from our restaurant selections. Please check back often as all supplies are limited and new selections will become available regularly.  If you're looking for additional items you can contact Jess directly to purchase additional restaurant selections.

**These product are available for our Portland Pantry Delivery service only. You must live in the Portland metro area to qualify. You must be 21 years or older to purchase beer, cider, and wine. Age verification is required upon delivery. Check our our FAQs page for more information.**


Boffalora "Umo” Rosso di Valtellina | nebbiolo | Lombardy, Italy 2018 $26

I have a real soft spot for high altitude delicate styles of nebbiolo. Don't get me wrong, nebbiolo as a grape is one of my all time favorites, but there is something extra special about it when it comes packaged in a delicate robe from abandoned vineyards perched over precipitous cliffs, where sunlight and heat struggle to reach full throttle. The wines are delicate and mysterious, with nuance and subtlety. This one in particular is imbued with a sense of oranges - the zest, the flesh, the terpineols that make oranges smell like pine, or vice versa. It's dances on the tongue delicately without begging for more flavor, and it simply endlessly drinkable. No need to cellar this nebbiolo for 10 years, just sit down with a glass, perhaps a small platter of charcuterie, and drink up! 

Georges Lignier Bourgogne Passetoutgrains | pinot noir, gamay | Burgundy, France 2017 $25

The first time I encountered a passetoutgrains I was thrilled. A wine made of my two favorite grapes?! PERFECT! However, as it turns out I was immensely disappointed with what was in my glass - thin, insipid, borderline flavorless... so for years I've been wary of this traditional Burgundian blend. Don't get me wrong, I've had good ones since that first taste but never anything that struck the "wow" chord or made me dizzy with excitement. Until this one. From the first moment I smelled it heart emojis were popping through my mind... notes of red cherry here, wild raspberry there, a gravelly rock like component, a touch of underbrush, roses drifting in the wind... and more heart emojis. It's juicy and textural and simply the kind of wine that is so good I feel a strange impulse to rub my face in it. Do you ever experience this some wines too?

Doniene Gorrondona Txakolina Tinto | hondarrabi beltza | Basque 2018 $29

The first time I tried this red grape native to Basque country in Spain I was astounded by it's similarity to Cabernet Franc. With it's nose reminiscent of violets, lavendar, smoked rocks, and peppers of all colors I was pleased given Cab franc is one of my favorite varieties.  Years later genetic research is proving that Hondarrabi Beltza may in fact be the original Cabernet Franc and that rather than the commonly thought origin of France for the variety, it may have in fact come from Spain. Either way, this wine is simply delicious. Inky but elegant, earthy but clean, with just the perfect touch of acidity and grip. Put a light chill on it and get out big platter of chorizo. The time is right! (insider tip, if visiting a Loire Valley winery don't mention the cab franc origin thing... they aren't fans of the notion!) 

Fanny Sabre Bourgogne Rouge | pinot noir | France 2017 $37

Fanny Sabre hadn’t planned to be a winemaker. She was at university studying law when her father died and she took over the running of the estate. It was then that she discovered that she enjoyed it. Initially, it was with the help of natural wine pioneer Philippe Pacalet, who stepped in to help following Fanny’s father’s death, but soon Fanny learnt his methods, which were initially unusual for her – the estate was used to conventional farming. When Pacalet moved on to his own projects once more, Fanny, then in her mid-20s, was left to manage the estate on her own. Now she does most of the work herself, and she does it using entirely organic methods.This lends a linearity and delicacy to the wines that only gets better with age. This is Old World the core before Old World was cool. It's like walking through 1950’s Paris with a cranberry popsicle, a leather knapsack over your shoulder, while arm in arm with your favorite and most beautiful bestie in perfect red lipstick.

Lopez de Heredia Tondonia Rioja Reserva | tempranillo blend | Spain 2006 $48

This is one of our all time favorite classic red wines. Lopez de Heredia was founded over 130 years ago and has kept true to traditions of the Rioja region as fads have come and gone. They hold back all of their wines for release until they feel they are tasting optimal for drinking, so this 2006 is a current release. There are few places where you can get a perfectly cellar aged 14 year old red wine for this price! Notes of tobacco, black cherry, leather, libraries, and plum jam, it's structured and dense but still lively with popping acidity. Hands down tastes like a dream. And keep your eye out for their very rare aged white wines, they're curious and exceptional!


Domaine de la Biscarelle Cotes du Rhone Villages | grenache, cinsault, carignan, mourvedre | France 2016 $19

This wine is rich and warm but smart in its structure, like cozying up to the fire on a cold night with a good book. It's everything you want in a bold old world red.

Ruth Lewandowksi "Feints" | dolcetto, barbera, nebbiolo, arneis | California 2019 $26

For the last few years I've been seeing winemakers, bottle shops, and fellow sommeliers talk up the wines made by Utah winemaker Evan Lewandowski. Many things caught my eye about his wines: 1) who makes in Utah? 2) who makes natural wine in Utah? 3) who makes delicious light bodied natural wine Utah? Well, apparently Evan Lewandowski does. The story goes that after working at a natural winery in Alsace for several years he moved back to Utah to plant a vineyard and start a winery. While waiting for fruit to mature he began purchased from fruit California where he would allow fermentation to begin then transport them to Salt Lake City where fermentation completes and aging and bottling occurs. Wild. But what does it taste like? Red sweet tarts and spring strawberry, hibiscus, and dried flowers. It's light and acid driven with soft but present tannin. This is literally the most perfect charcuterie wine I've found in some time! Put a light chill on it and chill!

Division-Villages "Les Petits Fers" | gamay | Oregon 2018 $24

From one of our favorite urban wineries, this humble Beaujolais inspired gamay from various vineyard sites across Oregon is simply delightful. Delicate and fresh with notes of white pepper, fresh herbs and dusty strawberry. It's light and fine, with nervy acidity and a savory floral undertone. This is the ultimate summer red!

Granville Wines "Farmhouse Cuvee" Willamette Valley | pinot noir | Oregon 2018 $27

We met Jackson Holstein of Granville Wine last September when we were looking to partner with an Oregon winemaker to supply pinot noir for our 10 year anniversary salami Rosette d'Oregon. We were lucky that Jackson had just little bit of pinot he was willing to partner with in bulk, and even luckier when he let us try his wines in bottle. The Farmhouse cuvee is everything you want in a balanced and bright but still fruit driven Oregon pinot. It's become an OP favorite at our restaurants and for local delivery!

The Eyrie Vineyards Willamette Valley | pinot noir | Oregon 2016 $38
“So many hopes and dreams are held in these fragile leaves and tender shoots which seemed a few months ago to be only dead sticks pushed into the Oregon mud. I cannot help but feel now that success will be ours – there seems such a harmony between the earth, the sun, the cool breezes, the ranging predators which have so far kept injury from my vines, and myself and feeble scratching to keep away thirsty weeds and produce an occasional wetting. The vines seem now to be individual beings, each possessing for itself the same confidence which I have in them. I hope that pervading spirit never leaves either of us.” David Lett, Journal entry, July 1965

It’s hard to not think that those words from Eyrie founder and Oregon wine pioneer David Lett don’t describe perfectly the soul of this Pinot Noir, rooted in the earth & elegance that our wonderful state brings to Eyrie’s wines.

Oregon Wine Makers 3 Pack | Variety pack! Includes one pinot noir, the other two wines could be white, orange, rose, sparkling, or second unique non pinot noir red | $85

It's been so inspiring to be part of the Oregon wine community for the past 10 years, working both as a sommelier in restaurants, helping out wineries through harvest, and more recently learning the ins and outs of making my own wine. So much has changed in the last ten years - the rise of natural wines, the popularity of orange wines, and the adventurous exploratory character of many wineries who work with unique varieties and styles. I personally love it all and feel the more diversity there is wine the more there is for everyone. To celebrate our Oregon winemakers we have put together an Oregon 3 Pack that highlights both Oregon's classic wine Pinot Noir and the "Alternative" Wines coming for our state. Packs will vary but all will include an Oregon Pinot along with some fun "other" wines - expect anything from red to white, orange, rose, and maybe even a pet-nat! 


A note on our wine program from Jess: 

The wines found on in our wine programs are chosen for their quality and impeccable match to our charcuterie and cuisine. They are from producers that make wine in ways we want to support - they are stewards of the land, making wines in the manner that generations did before them: without chemicals and inputs, without modification or manipulation. They are sustainable, biodynamic, and/or organic, and are made in the most natural methods possible. Nearly all undergo wild yeast fermentation and express terroir in its truest form. They are from talented farmers and families with an unmatched passion to keep the joyous tradition of wine alive. Most are made in such small quantities we are fortunate to see them in our hands. I hope you enjoy these gems of the wine world as much as we do.

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