Beer & Cider

Beer & Cider

We've put together a rotating selection of beer & cider from our restaurant menus, priced at a standard retail price. Please keep checking back as selections will change regularly!

**This product is available for our Portland Pantry Delivery service only. You must live in the Portland metro area to qualify. You must be 21 years or older to purchase beer, cider, and wine. Age verification is required upon delivery. Check our our FAQs page for more information.**

Today's Selections

Rosenstadt Helles Lager | 12 oz Bottle - Oregon $2.50 each | The first packaged beer from our local German inspired brew house. Light, crisp, and refreshing with just enough hop kick to keep it fresh!

Pfriem Pilsner | 12 oz Can - Oregon $2.50 each | Pfriem is hands down one of the best breweries in the state. Check our the chorizo collaboration we did with them in our Sausage category!

Pfriem IPA | 12 oz Can - Oregon $2.50 each | Pfriem quickly rose the ranks to become one of Portland's favorite IPAs for good reason. Balanced, delicious, and damn. That packaging!

Little Beast "Wolf Camp" Hoppy Saison | 16 oz Can - Oregon $4.50 each | A playful spin on the classic Old World saison, beloved by both hop heads and by the beginning Belgian beer drinker. Delicious and hop-forward.

Little Beast "Mr Nice" Passionfruit Sour | 16 oz Can - Oregon $4.50 each | A balanced sour that is both tart and tropical, perfectly refreshing for summer!

Double Mountain Brewing Cider | 12 oz Bottle - Oregon $3 each | our favorite dry Oregon cider, this one is the perfect balance of clean apple flavors and puckery granny smith acidity. Just perfect!

Cidre Sehedic Extra Brut Cider | 750ml bottle - France $15 each | Made from 30 varieties of local heirloom apples in Brittany France, this natural hard cider is only lightly filtered. The result is an earthy and complex drink with a balance of earthy bittersweet flavors.

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