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This service and these products are available only for people living in the Portland metro area. Check if you qualify here.

caviar and gourmet charcuterie gift box for the holidays
Pork Roll in a branded canvas bag
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PDX Only : Charcuterie Gift Kits
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OP Holiday charcuterie gift box
PDX Only: Land & Sea Kit
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PDX Only: Holiday Kielbasa
Happy Hour & Gift Kits
Wine Picks and Packs!
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Sausage, hot dog, frankfurter, bratwurst, kielbasa, Olympia Provisions, Pilsner, Wilder Mustard, Martins Potato Rolls, backyard bbq, summer, outdoors, memorial day, grilling
Pantry Ghia
PDX Only : Meal Kits
PDX Only : Pantry & Accompaniments
PDX Only : Pâté
PDX Only : Breakfast Meats
PDX Only : Deli Meats
Snack Sticks
Portland Only! Olympia Provisions Charcuterie Club
Pickle Board