Of the Month Clubs

 Our of the Month Clubs are the perfect chance to taste your way through our meats and pickles! Whether you want to send a monthly reminder of your love to your favorite someone across the country or want to make sure your pantry is stocked for every entertaining opportunity, one of our clubs is here to help. Without Salami, Sausage, Pate, and Pickle of the Month Clubs, you can pay up front for your monthly delivery and get either one of two items a month. For our Charcuterie of the Month Club, you are charged monthly for a variety of 2-4 meats and pickles. Choose whichever option works best for you, and get a taste of our delicious charcuterie!

From $55.00

Charcuterie of the Month Club

Can't decide which club to join? Don't worry, you don't have to! Our Charcuterie of the Month Club will deliver a variety of our meats and pickles to your doorstep, every single month. It's the perfect way to taste your way through our charcuterie!  Here's how it works. Once you sign up, we will charge you $55 every month until...

From $160.00

Salami of the Month Club

Olympia Provisions makes 12 different salamis crafted from northwest pork using old-world technique. Our Salami of the Month Club makes it easy for members to try every one of these delicious salami, plus, they're delivered right to your door - how convenient!  Included with the monthly meats are tasting notes and examples of how Salumist Elias Cairo likes to enjoy them....


Pâté Of The Month Club

Our Pâté of the Month Club members receive one of our five piquant pâtés every month, for a total of five months, along with detailed tasting notes and serving suggestions. The first month’s pâté shipment also includes our walnut O.P. Cutting Board and an Opinel folding knife. AND, shipping is included in our club! Pork Pistachio Pâté: Country pate with pistachios, port...


Sausage Of The Month Club

To make our sausages, we start with the best pork and freshest ingredients. We stuff each sausage in real casings, and then smoke them over real wood. From classic German-style bratwurst and snappy frankfurters, to our classic American breakfast sausage and Austrian-inspired Käsekrainer studded with Emmentaler cheese—we guarantee our best wurst every time. Our Sausage of the Month Club members receive...

From $210.00

Pickle of the Month Club

Our specialty small batch pickles are hand-crafted with the same care as our award winning American charcuterie. We work directly with the best Northwest farms to preserve local produce within our growing season . We always use fresh herbs, whole spices, complimentary aromatics, and quality vinegars to create the perfect jar of pickles. Each month the lucky recipient will receive...


Salami of the Month Club & Flask

Send a monthly reminder of what a thoughtful, clever, and considerate tastemaker you are with a Salami of the Month Club membership. The first salami will arrive accompanied by our stylish silver OP flask, then for the rest of the year, you'll receive a monthly delivery of one, two, or three of our signature salami, plus insightful tasting notes by salumist Elias...

From $70.00

Wine of the Month Club

This product is for Portland-based residents only and is for pickup at our SE restaurant. Our Wine of the Month Club is curated and designed by Food & Wine Top Sommelier Jess Hereth to take you on a journey through forgotten lands, new producers, old and forgotten styles, and new styles too. Let's pop a cork, slice some meat, and praise...

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