Three French-style salamis and a limited edition chocolate salami inside a heart shaped, branded box
Saucisson au Chocolat wrapped in white butcher paper with Valentine's Day label

Meat & Sweet Valentine



Does your sweetheart love a little sweet treat with their meat?! We have the meatiest and sweetest heart-shaped treat for your valentine this season! 

Our Meat & Sweet Heart Shaped Box is filled with our French Sampler selections: 

  • Saucisson D’Alsace (Saw-sis-SAHN DE-al-SAHS) is an Alsatian pub salami flavored with clove, nutmeg, allspice & cinnamon.
  • Saucisson D’Arles (saw-sis-SAHN DEH-ahurls) is elemental, pure & simple: just pork & salt.
  • Saucisson Sec (Saw-sis-SAHN SEK) is a traditional French salami flavored with garlic & black pepper.

Plus a handmade chocolate salami from our restaurant pastry chef Rachelle Miller:

  • The Saucisson Au Chocolat is French style dark chocolate ganache with a hint of warm baking spices, nuts, candied ginger, and red wine.
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