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Good Food Award Winner Sampler


Since the remarkable Good Food Awards initiative was founded in 2010, we’ve had the honor of winning 15 Good Food Awards (GFA), which recognize American-made craft products that are both delicious and responsibly produced. In this GFA Sampler, get a taste of four of our salami that have been recognized.

This set will include:

Loukanika (2011)

Saucisson d'Arles (2011)

Chorizo Andalucia (2021)

Saucisson aux Noisettes (2019)

Each salami is 4.5oz

Ingredients include: Pork, pork fat, salt, Less than 2% spices, dextrose, water, garlic, swiss chard powder, lactic acid starter culture. Hog Casing. Fresh spices and herbs. 

Refrigerate upon arrival. To store, re-wrap in butcher paper, store in an unsealed bag in the refrigerator. 90-day shelf life. 

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