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Game Day Snack Attack

Although it may appear recreational to the untrained eye, rooting for your beloved team is hard work, so we've put together the perfect playbook of game day party snacks. Tote our...
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PROST! Cheers to Fall with pretzels, apple picking, sauerkraut making, and Oktoberfest: that wonderful celebration of suds and sausage (emphasis on the sausage). We’re doing our part by providing America with the...
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Good Food News Travels Fast... We are always proud of our meat, but it never hurts to get some positive feedback! First, Olympia Provisions sausage was featured in the Wall Street Journal, and...
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National Salami Day is This Thursday, 9/7!

Whether back-to-school goodbyes have you weeping into your solitary cup of café con leche or whooping with joy, we've got the perfect pick-me-up/celebratory snack—September's Salami of the Month, Chorizo Rioja. Hailing...
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With any luck, you're spending Labor Day not laboring, which will leave you plenty of time for grilling, swilling, and snacking on sausage. We've got an online sausage shop full of ready-to-sizzle...
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It's August, and the dog days of summer are numbered!

Hey you, inside on the computer! Yeah, you...  The solar eclipse glasses have been packed away until 2024, back-to-school supplies have taken over market shelves, and these long, hot, woodsmoke-scented summer...
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Total Eclipse of Charcuterie

We're all a little eclipse-crazy here in Oregon right now, but you don't need to be in the Path of Totality to have friends over and totally spoil their dinner with an...
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OP Product Spotlight: The Definitive Guide to Capicola

We do meats. Lots and lots of meats. We’d like to take some time to highlight a few of our favorite cuts, and give them the attention they deserve. Let’s...
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Take It Outside

Elias and Michelle Cairo, siblings and Olympia Provisions Co-founders Growing up Cairo, any day that ended in "y" was an excuse to share our table with family and friends. And...
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