Victor Deras

Victor Deras is truly the Wurst. He graduated from Scottsdale Culinary Institute in 2005, and since then, Victor has worked in a variety of kitchens, ranging from big hotels and casinos to small, independent restaurants. He began his Portland career under the tutelage of Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quinonez Denton, working his way from pantry to sous chef in their first Portland restaurant. In the winter of 2012, Victor began cooking with Olympia Provisions and he’s had a long lasting impact on the menu and culture of our restaurants. He created and refined the weekly Frankfurter Friday specials into a buzzing sensation, and from this tradition, OP Wurst was born! From the helm, Victor continues to innovate and impress with his, sometimes outlandish, takes on the honored American staple, the hot dog.

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