Game Day Grillin' Pack


Since one cannot live on bread and pork pigskin alone (okay, technically you could, but a little variety is nice), stock up on our Game Day Grillin’ Pack, a hunky assortment of bratwurst, kielbasa, foot-long frankfurters and salami, the best possible defense against game day hunger pangs.

This pack includes:

  • one pack (12 oz) of our famous bratwurst
  • one pack (12 oz) of our amazing frankfurters
  • one pack (12 oz) of our stupendous kielbasa
  • two salami - our manly-spiced Navarre and Sopressata,
  • two beer koozies!  

Order by Tuesday 4:00pm PST to arrive the same week.

This order does not qualify for free shipping. 

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